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Threats posed by ants:

You would have seen these tiny disciplined creatures in a queue at your home. Yes, they look tiny but, can be dangerous. These insects are highly social animals and can be classified into queens, workers, and soldiers. Most ants are dark in colour but their physical structure is similar. Ants consume sugary liquids, nectar, honey dew, dead foliage, other insects, dead meat, etc. They also carry little bits of household waste back to their colony for consumption by their fellow ants. They contaminate food and a threat to human health. You definitely cannot ignore them for a longer time. And trust us, if you are facing ant infestation, the sooner you get them treated the better it is.

The structure of Ants:

This category of insects is a skinny creation with mouths designed to chew. The ant’s abdomen and thorax are connected through a single connection. Most ants have three to four pairs of legs for locomotion and a pair of antenna on their heads. These antennae help the ants to get navigate their world and to sense changes in atmospheric conditions. These insects have a unique body shape that is adapted to travel over long distances.

Dangerous ants in Australia:

More than 1300 species of ants are known to inhabit the landmass of Australia. Many types of ants are found in Australia; these include the odorous house ant, green head ant, ghost ant, garden ant, fire ant, pavement ant, pharaoh’s ant, Singapore ant, coastal Brown ants, Black ants, carpenter ants and so on. These ants have different distinctions and are able to survive in a variety of natural and artificial conditions. The Red Fire Ant is an invasive species of ants that has the potential to destroy much of Australia’s natural flora and fauna. Damages can range in the millions of dollars and may have a crippling effect on Australia’s national economy. The best option is to opt for Ants Treatment in Perth as one cannot afford to bear the threats posed by Red Fire Ants. There are exclusive Ants Control Service providers in Australia who has the know-how to deal with Ant infestation.

Signs of Ants Infestation:

ants removal PerthHouseholders can detect signs of an ant infestation by carefully observing for signs of unusual ant behaviour in their premises. A mass of ants in one particular area can point to an infestation. These creatures tend to cover long distances in steady lines that can snake across a property or a residential premise. Long lines of marching ants are the sure sign of an infestation. The ants tend to carry bits of household waste, food stuff, dead insects, and dead leaves back to their colony. One can observe such activity and follow the lines to the ant nests. Most ant activity is subterranean, and therefore one may have to demolish small structures to get an estimate of the true extent of an infestation. They take out the sand in-between the pavers and take the sands out from the garden beds and edging

How Do We STOP Ant Infestation?

Ants can be tackled in domestic homes and farms by a variety of means. Boiling water can be effective sometimes to wipe out a colony of ants. Similarly, chemical pesticides can be used to destroy ants and their colonies. These pesticides are important because they can be fixed with food and offered to travelling ants. The insects carry the food back to their colonies and share it with other ants. The poison in the food can debilitate and destroy the colony in a matter of days. Professional pesticide services can also be used to destroy ants and their populations. However, these are just temporary remedies to deal with ant infestation. The best solution to keep the ants at bay is to seek the help of the professional Ants control Perth service providers. They can easily classify the ant species and will treat them accordingly.

The need to hire professionals:

Professional pest controllers can be enrolled to make sure an infestation is located and destroyed. They have special techniques to execute a survey; this is accomplished by carrying out a wide ranging inspection of the property or the premises deemed under threat. Every structure in the said areas has to be inspected. Rotting logs of wood or unusual soil formations have to be cleared from the premises. Sometimes, specially trained dogs are enrolled to sniff out an infestation. The treatment for an infestation can proceed along multiple lines. Chemicals and toxic materials can be used to destroy an ant colony. Pesticides can also be used to mark a perimeter around the property; similar chemicals can also be used to dowse an ant trail so that these creatures cannot use the terrain to travel.

Further, household items such as doors, windows, carpets, furniture, and wood flooring should be carefully monitored for any signs of an ant infestation. A large ant colony can also exist in gardens and back-yards. These must be surveyed and any infestation should be destroyed. Water-damaged wood should be removed from the property because these provide ideal shelters for the ant colony.

If you have tried all the home remedies to deal with ant infestation and are still facing the issues, you need to approach us. Our professionals will visit your premises and will investigate the same. A report will be prepared based on the inspection. The level of ant infestation and treatment will be mentioned in the report. You will also come to know about the cost involved to get the ant infestation treated completely. Yes, we are highly experienced and reliable to give you an ant free premise. Do try our services!

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