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Threats and diseases posed by Fleas

Fleas are threats not only to your pets but also to human beings. They were the spreaders of bubonic plague, also known as ‘black death’ about 650 years ago. Now, these blood suckers are merely known for their pest threats ignoring the greater threat they once caused. They are vectors of varied diseases in both humans and pets.

Fleas control PerthA minor flea infestation may cause severe skin and health problems in pets like dogs and cats but. a major one can cause their death. In humans, they pose threats with diseases like Bartonella, Typhus, Bubonic Plague and Rickettsia Felis. Moreover, humans, especially children who ingest fleas unknowingly may come in touch with tapeworms. Flea faeces from infected pets can contaminate the entire house. Let Fleas Control Services be approached and infestation be taken care of.

Life cycle of Fleas

These tiny extortionist can begin feeding on your pets in seconds. They undergo complete metamorphosis. Their life cycle comprises of the stages like egg, larvae, pupa and adult. However, the duration of cycle ranges from several weeks to months depending on the environmental conditions. Some species breed all year round whereas others harmonize their activities either with their host’s life or climatic conditions.

In the period of 24 hours after it’s first blood meal, the fleas are capable of laying eggs which are white, oval and non-sticky. The larvae have mouthparts for chewing and they feed on the organic matter especially the faeces of mature fleas which contain dried blood whereas the adults feed only on fresh blood.

Initially laying 4-8 eggs, the rate can rapidly increase to 40-50 eggs per day. In presence of warmth and humidity fleas in pupa stage develop into adults more rapidly. Heavy winters cause the eggs to perish before hatching whereas humidity below 45% kills larvae. It is ideal to contact Fleas control Perth service providers before they lay eggs.

Common Fleas Found in Australia.

Cat Fleas

Of all the other species found in the world, Cat Flea is most prevalent. As a matter of fact, it only affects the cat and not humans and hence Cat fleas may die if they do not find any animal host to feed on. They lay their eggs on the host animals from there they make their way into the animal beddings or shelters, where they go through a number of growth stages. They hide in remote areas like corners, dark places, beneath furniture, backyard and gardens as well.

Dog Fleas

Most commonly found on dogs but can affect humans too. They live a long life, can sustain without food for long and lay thousands of eggs. They can jump long distances easily travelling along a dog’s coat hiding in their fur or skin, sucking their blood. From minor discomfort and skin irritations, they can result in anemic conditions for the dogs as well. They may hide in the beddings, curtains, Carpets, lawns and so on.

Human Fleas

Believed to be an origin of South America they may be transmitted by a peccary or guinea pig. They affect a variety of other mammals apart from humans like dogs, cats, monkeys, rodents and birds as well.

Signs of Flea infestation

They may enter into your homes via your pets. The tiny devils can easily hide in upholstery and hence their presence can’t be noticed until a large infestation. Apart from this, they are lucky to have armoured bodies that make it impossible to crush and can hence thrive on the carpets undetected.

Although you may not notice individual fleas, after infestation, you’ll find multiple fleas hopping onto your furniture or curtains. Don’t forget to keep a close eye on the often unusual scratching by your pets.

Multiple dot-like insects on your pets fur, your pet scratching, licking or biting their fur excessively is a flea infestation too.

Itching or redness on your skin might also prove a flea infestation especially when you are around pets.

Ways to control Flea infestation.

Treat Your Pet

Just a regular bath won’t be enough. Take your pet to the vet and follow the medications, use a flea comb, groom their hair or cut them short so that fleas can be easily removed with a flea comb sprayed with insecticide. Talk to your vet about your pet care.

Whether the medication provided is oral or topical, give the flea preventive on the same day that you get your house pests free for more effectiveness.

Treat Yourself, Your Home and Your Yard

Use mosquito repellent spray or ointments and lotions on your body. Clean your homes thoroughly with vacuum cleaners, keep the furniture well covered and try to maintain a cooler temperature inside. Mop the floors with apple cider vinegar or any other chemical floor cleaner which helps to eliminate the fleas.

Spray your carpets, rugs etc with flea control sprays available in markets. Clean your yard off any debris like fallen leaves, grass clippings or other organic items. Mow your lawn before you spray. Make sure to spray in the dog houses, beneath trees and bushes or beneath your deck or porch.

Call for Professional Help

Though you may take preventive measure for your pets but, treating a flea infestation requires multifaceted plans. Merely maintaining your home and pets is not enough as you need to use both physical and chemical methods for an effective flea control. Hence contact a pest control professional who’ll solve your problem effectively. There are Fleas Treatment Perth service providers who are well-experienced in handling the fleas infestation. They will identify the level of infestation and will treat them accordingly. They will ensure that not only your pets but, also your family members are safe from fleas infestation.

Let us know your availability and our experts will be there to inspect your property. We use the best tools and techniques to eradicate the infestation completely.

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