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Did you ever give a thought about the places where the pests can reside? Did you ever consider the educational institutes that provide just not education to your kids but also shelter to the pests? Strange, isn’t it? Imagine millions of kids going to school on regular basis with the fear of getting infected by the pests. They go with happy faces and return with life-threatening diseases. Can you allow your child to be one amongst them? Absolutely not! It is always better to take precautions before your child is infected. The school and college management should ensure that the premise is properly managed and is pest free. There must be regular property inspection to find out if the school is infected by termites, rodents, spiders, roaches and other such dangerous insects. The College pest controls are the saviors from these venomous bugs.

Common Pests in School:

Bed Bugs

Hideout places of pests in schools:

Classrooms: The pests target the closets, desk, chairs, tables, benches and so on.

Buses: The pests target the corners in the buses, windows, under the seats and luggage carrier.

Cafeterias: Pests will definitely be there where there is a presence of food and water.

School grounds: Landscapes and moisture attract pests.

Exterior conduits: Any entry to the outdoors give an easy access to the pests.

Hostels: The bed and the bunkers are more prone to bed bugs.

Toilets: Did you just see a spider while peeing or a cockroach in the commode? Toilets are the first preference of the pests.

These are some of the places where you can find out the pests. However, the entire property is subjected to pest infestation. The Schools Pest Control service providers can only find out the level of pest infestation and suggest the treatment accordingly.

Need for Pest Control in Schools:

The schools are mostly vulnerable to pests. The school campus is usually spacious and has greenery all around the campus. This provides an opportunity to the pests to park themselves in the school campus as the situations are favorable to these creatures. It is essential for the school management to hire the professionals to get rid of the pest infestation. No longer can any parents risk the health of their child in the name of education.

The infection caused by the pests is communicable in nature which means that they can easily spread from one child to another. Let the Schools Pest Control provide you the vital information related to pests and the diseases. The schools will not only be losing the reputation but will not be socially acceptable over a longer period of time. The Safe Pest Control is the need of the hour.Safety is a big concern; hence, the campus must be free from dangerous pests like rodents, roaches, spiders, flies and termites to take care the hygiene of the kids. The school is responsible for the welfare of the kids in the premises. The Schools Pest Control in Perth must be invited to examine the school property.

Why choose Ecoguard Pest Control::

The pests cannot hide for a longer time as our professionals exactly know how to catch hold of them. We prepare a fact sheet indicating the types of pests that might be present in the school. Our experts will let you know the species of the pests, the life cycle of the pests, the level of infestation, the treatment required, the cost involved and the total duration. We believe in educating our customers regarding the pests and the deadly diseases caused by them.

We are the best Pest Control service providers in Perth who gets into the roots of infestation and eradicate them completely. There is no second chance when it comes to with pest treatment. The longer the time taken to handle the infestation, higher is their chances of reproduction. Thus, we have the experts who are well qualified and trained to deal with several species of the termites, bees, rodents, roaches, spiders, ants and so on. We use the latest technologies and treatments to give you pest free and healthy environment.

Hold on, our services don’t end there! We share the expert tips to help you maintain the school premises post the treatment. We are easily approachable and believe in helping the customers to whatever extent we can.
We are the commercial pest control service providers that deal exclusively with school pests. Our experience allows us to boast about our services and we ensure that the school’s environment is free from rodents, fleas, ants, spiders, cockroaches, termites and so on. Let your kids walk freely at the school campus!

Doubtful? Call us now and check our services! We will be right there at your school!